Together We Can by Natalie Henry

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We're all about community over competition in this shop, so what better way to celebrate that than collaborating together.

For February's limited edition shirt, Natalie Henry designed this beautiful t-shirt that hinges on the idea that we can accomplish more when everyone contributes. Together we can effect real change in the world and make a better society for everyone to live in. The power lies within the people and together we can bring equality 

Inspiration for this design from the designer:

The meaning behind this t-shirt design is near and dear to my heart. I will be honest, 2020 was an emotionally draining and traumatic year for me and many others, especially the BIPOC community. Amidst a worldwide pandemic, we had to slow down and take a real look at the issues that BIPOC people face on a daily basis.

When I met with Natalie about my design ideas, I remember crying my eyes out on our video call. I cried so much that I had to take off my falsies! Speaking with Natalie about all of the hard moments I went through in 2020 felt like a release. Witnessing so much trauma, back to back, was difficult to get through and ultimately felt very lonely. As we spoke about our viewpoints, I was happy to know that there were other people that felt the same way I did. We spoke about togetherness, unity, and community. I realized that even though there was so much hate on the internet, I was not completely alone. "Together we can," has such a deep meaning for me. Through community, real conversations and everyday activism, we can change the world. We can change, discard, and shed the notions that brought us to this point, the ones that no longer serve us as people. We can do it, but we have to do this together! Together, we can.

Meet the Designer:

Natalie Henry-Charles is the proud artist and owner of Pretty Peacock Paperie, a lighthearted and fun stationery company. She strives to inspire, unite and empower with her art by focusing on real life moments. She believes that life is short and we should spend our time celebrating each and every moment.

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