Never Give Up by Jeff Frandsen

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100% of profits from this shirt will go towards Child Mind

The Artist's Inspiration Behind the Design:

The moment Natalie and I began collaborating on our “Never Give Up” shirt, I knew I wanted the proceeds to be donated. Mental health and mental health awareness are so important to me as I’m someone who has struggled for most of my life. Suffering from the loss of my mother at an early age affected me greatly and unfortunately, (to no one’s fault) I didn’t receive the therapy I needed to cope. That’s where Child Mind Institute stuck out to me. Their focus on helping children with mental health issues and learning disabilities is something we need more of in our world. Especially after experiencing life through a pandemic, where so many children have experience losses and changes. So to me, supporting Child Mind is like giving back to children so they don’t have to struggle like I have all the way through my thirties.

“Never Give Up” is my personal slogan. It’s one of my go-to pep talks when I’m struggling. There are so many moments and instances in life where things don’t go our way, and the easy way out is to quit. But if we give up, we’ll never see the beauty on the other side. The phrase is surrounded by a shield, which represents the guarding of one’s heart. We are constantly under attack, with all that life brings us, and I want that symbol to represent that our strength will not be penetrated. Lastly, I wanted a phrase that we could wear as a badge of honor for others to read and be inspired by. We can walk around our streets proudly wearing this shirt and give others the hope and motivation to never give up themselves.

100% of profits from this shirt will go towards Child Mindan independent, national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders.

Meet the Designer:

Jeff Frandsen is an award-winning photographer and hand-letterer based in Lancaster, PA. In his free time, he loves getting creative with his wife Liz, acting silly with his daughter Emme, and giving all the belly rubs to his dog Frankie. Aside from family and friends, Jeff’s biggest joys in life are baseball, CrossFit, true crime documentaries and Coca-Cola.

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