Champions Cheer for Others by Gia

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About the Design:

We're all about community over competition in this shop, but what about when you find success or don't? Pulled directly from Chapter 4 of Natalie's Book, Built to Belong, Champions Cheer for Others is a motto we hold true:

"Even in the heat of competition, true champions cheer for others." — True champions embrace a mindset of abundance and root for all courageous enough to enter the arena.

While collaborating on this piece with Natalie, Gia Graham wanted the design to feel warm, energetic, and positive.

Meet the Designer:

Gia Graham is an illustrator, lettering artist and Skillshare teacher based in Atlanta, originally from sunny Barbados. Gia credits her island background for influencing the vibrant colors and lush florals and foliage she often incorporates into her work.  Over her 20 year creative career, she has worked in corporate graphic design, run her own stationery business and now focuses on licensing her art to product-based companies. When she’s not drawing for clients, she’s sharing her knowledge through her Skillshare classes and giving away tips, tricks and color palettes via her once-a-month email newsletter. Check out her bio for links to both!

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